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The VeChainThor Blockchain is packed with unique features enhancing dApp user experiences while being able to utilize the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to lower the barrier for previous smart contract developers. Such features include:

APplication Development Challenge

Develop and submit your application on the VeChainThor Blockchain to join the Challenge where you can get a share of the total reward pool of 40M VET. The winners will be announced during the VeChain Summit 2019 on April 18th.

Assessment Criteria

  • Originality of the application
  • Application user experience
  • Nativeness on the VeChainThor Blockchain
  • Development experience of the team
  • Value to the VeChain Ecosystem
  • Plan for product development, user acquisition and expansion

Get Extra Points

  • Utilizes the features of the VeChainThor Blockchain
  • Compatible with Connex
  • Integrates with Economic (X) Node smart contracts and benefiting X Node holders
  • Provides infrastructure services which enable other developers or applications
  • Integrates with VeFam project applications or tokens

Foundation Awards

The Foundation Assessment Team will evaluate all eligible applications and select the top 3 Connex compatible applications for the Foundation Awards.

  • 1st place prize: 12M VET
  • 2nd place prize: 8M VET
  • 3rd place prize: 5M VET

Community Awards

The top 5 favorite applications based on public community voting result will win the Community Awards.

  • 1st place prize: 5M VET
  • 2nd place prize: 4M VET
  • 3rd place prize: 3M VET
  • 4th place prize: 2M VET
  • 5th place prize: 1M VET
Note: The Foundation Award winners are not eligible for the Community Awards pool. If one of the applications in the top 5 community voting is picked for a Foundation Award, the next highest rated application from the vote will be entitled to the Community Award.

Explore and Vote For Your Favorite Applications on VeChainThor

  • The following applications were deemed eligible in the development challenge. Click HERE to vote for up to five applications that you like the most
  • Voting period is from April 1st to April 12th. Applications submitted before the April 12th deadline will still be eligible to receive votes
  • You are allowed to modify the votes anytime before the deadline if you change your mind
  • The community awards will be determined by the total number of votes each application has received by 11:59 PM UTC+8, April 12th
  • Make sure your desktop devices have the proper environment installed before accessing the applications, if not, please click HERE to download the necessary tools
  • Submitted applications will be displayed in the VeChain Application Hub which will be launched soon
  • The VeChain Foundation DOES NOT guarantee the security or the legality of the submitted applications. Please practice precautions when accessing them
  • The only test the assessment team did was a click-through usability test to check whether the app works on the VeChainThor mainnet before adding it to the list

CometVerse by Comet X, Inc

CometVerse is a decentralized chat and avatar platform for use within dApps in the Vechain ecosystem. With CometVerse users can collect and trade cosmetics to customize their avatars, then chat with the community.
Category: social networking, entertainment, utilitiesInterface: Web3Links: Twitter

Vexchange by Kenneth & Oliver

Vexchange is the first decentralized exchange for the VeChainThor blockchain. Vexchange can be used by anyone who holds a VIP-180 token and wishes to acquire another VIP-180 token.
Category: finance, utilitiesInterface: Connex & Web3Links: GitHub

Everscore by Daniel

Everscore is a blockchain based application where games, sports authorities and entertainment venues can bestow personal records and achievements to individuals.Users will be able to link to their score and share on social media.
Category: entertainmentInterface: ConnexLinks: GitHub, Twitter, Telegram, Medium

VeChain IDE by Tran

VeChain IDE is a tool to develop and test dApps (solidity) for VeChainThor blockchain, based on Remix. VeChain IDE provides the environment that helps developers easily test and deploy their dApps to VeChainThor blockchain.
Category: utilitiesInterface: ConnexLinks: n/a

Verify by Sunil

Verify is a robust notarization service built on VechainThor blockchain. Verify seeks to provide all of the functionalities inherent in traditional notary services, which includes verifiability, transferability, and updatability.
Category: utilities, businessInterface: ConnexLinks: GitLab

Token Transfer by A Byte Ahead

Decentralized token transfer tool based on Connex. It supports all the VIP180 tokens on VeChain. Users can browse, peek on any address owned, and transfer the tokens to another account instantly.
Category: utilities, financeInterface: ConnexLinks: GitHub

VeChain Name Service by Kenneth

VeChain Name Service is a distributed, open, and extensible naming system based on the VeChainThor blockchain. VNS is used to resolve human-readable .vet domain names to VeChainThor account addresses, smart contract addresses, and even more interesting use cases.
Category: utilitiesInterface: ConnexLinks: GitHub, Telegram, GitBook

Lucky Airdrop by bc66

Lucky Airdrop is a serverless application for users to create red envelops of VET or VIP180 tokens and gift them as friends. The receivers can claim the red envelop through QR code or link in any environment they like.
Category: finance, social networking, entertainmentInterface: ConnexLinks: GitHub by Jasper is a simple dApp that allows user to bind a VeChain wallet address and email address. Once this wallet address receives or sends a transaction, you will get notified in your email inbox.
Category: utilitiesInterface: ConnexLinks: Twitter

Aglow VeChain by amz

VEChain is lighted by 43 pixels. Users pay VET to the pool to purchase or modify the color of VeChain pixels. After the countdown the final buyer monopolized the pool. 90% of the pool goes into the last owner account for the pixel.
Category: entertainmentInterface: ConnexLinks: GitHub

Who's Legend by zhuec

Predict and bet on the winner of upcoming League of Legends games.
Category: entertainmentInterface: ConnexLinks: n/a

Dark Forest by Ming

Team up and compete with each other, winner gets all.
Category: entertainmentInterface: ConnexLinks: GitHub

CrowdSale by Bruce

CrowdSale is a decentralized marketplace for users to make online purchases of non-physical products. Cryptocurrency is used for transfer of funds, without the hassle of credit cards.
Category: business, finance, utilitiesInterface: ConnexLinks: GitHub


VoteChain is decentralized application for polls and surveys. Each poll and its results are stored on VeChain blockchain. Users can create polls using Connex interface.
Category: business, social networkingInterface: ConnexLinks: GitHub

VeSpace by Adam

The application is a multiplayer shooter game.
Category: entertainmentInterface: ConnexLinks: n/a

Encrypted Area by Yuanjing

Encrypted Area is a decentralized events platform powered by cutting-edge blockchain technology. Users can publish activities on the 3D virtual earth, and they can also buy and sell land assets to campaign for land administrators.
Category: entertainmentInterface: ConnexLinks: GitHub

Keno by Nguyen Que

Keno is a lucky and transparent game on the Vechain blockchain network
Category: entertainmentInterface: ConnexLinks: GitHub

POKER-WIN by amz

POKER-WIN is a lucky poker game on the VeChain blockchain.
Category: entertainmentInterface: ConnexLinks: GitHub

Wallü by Fabian

Wallü is an analytic and monitoring tool for VeChainThor address.
Category: utilitiesInterface: Connex & Web 3Links: n/a

VePool by Jordan

VePool is a one-stop decentralised staking service that allows a user to easily convert their THOR back into VET.
Category: financeInterface: ConnexLinks: GitHub

VeriArti by Jamie

VeriArti generates a unique NFT (Non-Fungible Token) known as a VRA for original pieces of digital art once proof of ownership has been verified.
Category: social Networking, entertainmentInterface: Connex & Web 3Links: n/a

Vault by Totient Labs

VeForge Vault is the web wallet interface for the Vechain ecosystem. Vault supports Ledger, Comet, and Sync backends with support for most VIP180 and VIP181 tokens including ecosystem masternodes.
Category: utilities, financeInterface: Connex & Web 3Links: Twitter

Developer Bounties

We tailor fit three developer bounties to provide the needed support that motivated and opportunistic developers are seeking. Make sure to utilize these funding sources as you plan, design, and document your applications.

Submit your creative ideas and get up to 1M VTHO for a boosted start.

Delegate all of your users' transaction fees to the VeChainThor Supercharger address for ONE MONTH using MPP.

Create, optimize and share your documentation, tools, tutorials and scripts with other devs to win at least 25K VET.


  • A qualified VeChainThor application could be an application, usually web-based or mobile app, that can be accessed by users to interact with the VeChainThor Blockchain, e.g. dApps powered by smart contracts, tools or infrastructure useful to developers, applications integrating VET / VIP180 token payment or VIP181 NFT transfer
  • There is no limitation or preference on the category of the applications for the Developer Bounty or Application Development Challenge, the application categories may include but not limited to Business, Finance, Social Networking, Entertainment, Developer Tool, Infrastructure Service
  • Applications developed before this announcement are eligible, while applications that have previously raised funds through token issuance are not eligible
  • Developers own the applications developed and are solely responsible for the legality of the applications in relevant jurisdictions at every stage of the challenge and its completion
  • The Awards do not construct any endorsement from the VeChain Foundation or the VeChain Company to the developed application, its development team, or the security related to the use of the submitted application
  • The rewards will be paid in VET or VTHO only, and the participants should check the regulations surrounding the legality of ownership or compensation of digital tokens/ cryptocurrencies in your respective countries of residence
  • The Developer Bounties and Application Development Challenge considers a number of variables in determining rewards. Determinations of eligibility, score, rewards and all terms related to an award are at sole and final discretion of the VeChain Foundation Assessment Team assigned by Steering Committee, featuring Sunny Lu (VeChain CEO), Bin Qian (VeChain Lead Blockchain Developer), Jiangliang Gu (VeChain CTO), Peter Zhou (VeChain Chief Scientist), and Kevin Feng (VeChain COO)
  • VeChain reserves all rights to amend the conditions without any prior notice in writing and the VeChain’s decisions will be deemed final

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VeChain Summit 2019

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Fort Mason

2 Marina Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94123, USA

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